Dream and go small

Last Weekend update – March 2015, England


Walking around historic Oxford you almost feel Harry Potter walking   along you. Everything in the city looks like it comes right out of the movie scenes even if you are or not a huge fan of the picture. It`s a strange but at the same time an amazing feeling that turns your journey into a magical adventure.

A city that I always wandered in my early years of college how it is like, hearing so many things about it. I always thought that it is a place that I can only dream of. Didn`t knew that time that dreaming is the best start. The rest will fall into places. So easy now …

Anyways, this was one of my small dreams that I remember. That came true with dreaming and taking action. But what about the big dreams? you may ask. The ones that keep you up at night, the ones that live in our bones; fire your heart, saturate your soul and keep coming back until we do something about them.

Well, if you already have a dream, then you can start to take action. If not don`t worry at all. It will come at the right time. Be patient and follow some steps to make sure you get there:

Usually there is a gap between dreaming and doing. But actually taking one step at time towards our dream every day, no matter how small, is necessary. As the proverb say If you chase two rabbits…you will not catch either one. Thinking about it doesn’t count. In order to truly shift towards a goal, we need a physical action, even the action of writing about it in our journals or blogs. When we take physical action towards a goal, we create new connections in the brain in a way that just sitting and thinking about it cannot accomplish. These simple actions are how we change our lives.  One step at a time..

In other words, ”Go small”. Starting by ignoring all the things you could do and doing what you should do. It`s recongnizing that not all the things matter equally and finding the things that matter most. It`s realizing that extraordinary results are directly determined by how narrow you can make your focus. The thing with trying to do too much is that even if it works, adding more to your life without cutting anything brings a lot of bad with it: missed deadlines, disapointing results, high stress, long hours, lost sleep, pour diet, all in the name of going after something that is easier to get than we imagine. Going small is a simple approch to extraordinary results, and it works all the time. Why? Because it has only one purpose – to ultimately get you to the point.

When we go as small as possible, we`ll be staring at one thing. And that`s the point.


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