Tea : My Ultimate Healthy Drink

Hi everyone! Hope you are all very well.  Today I will share with you my Ultimate Healthy Drink. It`s my Tea. Yeahh…my literally very green tea.

Because I am health freak and I am interested in all things healthy, non processes, free of chemicals and if possible Organic too, I decided to give it a go to Match Tea that was recommended to me by the Nike Yoga Ambassador, Leah Kim when I join in one of her classes in London and went to chat after the sesh.

Matcha powder is ground up green tea leaves, so you are actually consuming the whole leaf. For this reason it is extremely high in antioxidants, extra theanine and chlorophy than the regular green tea, thus having a wide array of healthy living claims and supposed benefits

I drink it every morning and I gave up my every day coffee from now because this tea is a energy booster and can be drunk if you need some Zenergy in the morning or before a workout. Plus the bright green color brightens my day!

I did not gave up coffee don`t worry:), I still enjoy it occasionally.

I choose to go organic on this tea because it`s something that I enjoy daily and a good quality tea vs a bad quality tea may affect your perceptiona about matcha. There area lot out there that are not as good as a matcha should taste like.

This is where you can order matcha if you are in Uk:  Tea Pigs. For my followers from my country I found this webiste where you can purchase it www.CafeShop.ro .

How I Prepare My Matcha Latte : Matcha Latte Recipe

C x


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