4 Tips On How To Enjoy The Sea Side In A Not So Sun Friendly Country

If your like me this year and couldn`t arrive in an exotic destination, or at least in a hot place this summer you would like to hear this tips on how to enjoy your not so sun friendly country.

  1. Don`t rely on forecast – If “it will not be such a good weather” usually is in your vocabulary you may get ride of it in the north countrys as it will not take you anywhere far from your garden.  Learn to see every day as a good day. Even if is Sun or cloudy. At the end what make a good day is not the weather but the moments spent.
  2. Eat locally –  Search for the best place to eat in town, because now is the time to enjoy a fresh fish plateau. Booking in advance it may be necessary as this places are usually full of people
  3. Jump in the water – You may find this necessary after not been able to see the sea for such a long time
  4. Stay until the sunset – Nothing like laying on the beach and watching the sunset, half dressed. One thing that I noticed in England is that even if it can rain during the day, at the sunset the sky is always clear.



Instagram : @corina_pin

Location: Wells Next The Sea,  England. August 2015



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