Black Bean Brownies?

wow! Did you know that you could make a healthy dessert using beans? yes.. me neighter. I recently tried this healthy recipe, full of protein and everything good for your body. I have to say that I love food and I eat clean most of the time. I`m never on a diet. I just learnt…

Green Couscous – Side Salad

A good-looking and tasting side salad with strong flavours. You can serve it with fish, feta or ham to make it more substantial. What you need: 150 g couscous 1 onion olive oil salt cumin unsalted pistachios toasted and roughly chopped 3 spring onions 1 chilli rocket or spianch   Herb paste 20 g parsley…

Avocado on Toast

Happy Day Everyone! Here is one of my quick perfect breakfast.  Avocado on toast with fruits along or a smoothie Tip: Sprinkle a little bit of sea salt and squeeze some lemon on top of the avocado.  

Tea : My Ultimate Healthy Drink

Hi everyone! Hope you are all very well.  Today I will share with you my Ultimate Healthy Drink. It`s my Tea. Yeahh…my literally very green tea. Because I am health freak and I am interested in all things healthy, non processes, free of chemicals and if possible Organic too, I decided to give it a…

My Dynamic Warm Up Before Running

    Hello here! 🙂 Who is up for a run? Before I actually go to run I Power Walk and then do a Dynamic Warm Up  instead of a Static one, to warm the muscle, increase circulation and prepare the muscles to be on point to fire. The key for runners is to target the muscle groups used…

Experiencing British Summer

  Experiencing The British Summer this year. The good thing with this weather is that you learn to enjoy the moment and not let “5 more minutes” to take over. It is a short period of “summer” when you can wear dresses, bare legs , shorts and t-shirts. So you just have to go for it….

Tree Pose With The Girls

Hello everyone! These days the girls and I were doing yoga alongside the river while the boys were watching. Pretty challenging to keep the balance :). We master this pose and many others while also enjoying the sunset. Your body knows no limits, it`s your mind that needs convincing Awesome photo made by : Raffaele 

#Feel Wimbledon 2015 London

The Championships Wimbledon 2015. I share with you some pics from my 4th July 2015 weekend when i was @Wimbledon in London.  

Video: Healthy Sunny Day Snack

Hello everyone! Because in the cold days is porridge , now that the summer is here I am craving for something that I can enjoy eating cold. Like ice-cream but more healthy. All ingredients and tools, in the video. Credit to @swiftysky13 on Instagram an incredible future movie/video producer xx

My Favourite Healthy Smoothie

Ingredients: Ice Blueberry (great antioxidants) 1 scoop Protein Powder Vegan (great for muscle recover after workout or for your absolute protein intake) 3 teaspoons of mixed Nuts (healthy fats) Coconut Water (it`s feed with electrolyts. Great Post Workout) 1 Teaspoon of honey or Stevia (if you have a sweet tooth:) ) And there you have…

Oxford, Uk. The city of dreaming spires!

    Walking around historic Oxford you almost feel Harry Potter walking   along you. Everything in the city looks like it comes right out of the movie scenes even if you are or not a huge fan of the picture. It`s a strange but at the same time an amazing feeling that turns your journey into…